9 Incredible Park City Mountain Biking Trails You Have to Ride

Your Park City Mountain biking experience isn’t complete without hitting the trails in and around the city, so we’ve created this list of the best mountain biking trails in Park City, Utah! Maybe you’re a pro or just learning how to ride, and these nine rides will challenge and inspire you. Hop on your bike and check them out!

Part 1: Big Cottonwood Canyon

The most popular Park City Mountain biking trails is the Big Cottonwood Canyon Trail, which has 22 miles of trails. As you ride, stop off at a few of its many points of interest like Heber Creeper Trail, June Park Loop, and Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail. During spring, the best time to ride is when snow levels begin to melt, and all park city’s trails are open.

Regardless of when you go, it’s a good idea to stay safe and bring plenty of water. If you plan on going out for more than an hour or two or if it’s particularly hot outside, pack along some energy bars. With just a little preparation beforehand, your riding experience will be incredible!

Part 2: Brighton Ski Resort

This Park City mountain biking place is located between Heber and Kimball Junction. It is a bit more challenging than Brighton’s other trails. Several steep hills make for a rewarding ride, but you have to be ready for it. It’s one of these rides where you forget how tired your legs are as soon as you cross that finish line. There are also many features to keep things interesting on some portions. Such as berms, log rides, tabletops, banked turns, etc.

It’s not an easy ride, so don’t think about trying it if you aren’t in shape or comfortable with aggressive terrain. Also, have it in mind that there is no water available along most of these trails, so come prepared! Check out all of our Park City mountain mountain biking guides here!

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Part 3: Deer Valley Resort

As one of Utah’s premier mountain resorts, Deer Valley is known for first-class amenities, pristine surroundings, and a high level of service. But it is also home to some of the best mountain biking trails in Park City. Tucked away in Deer Valley are nine incredible trails that will challenge even an experienced rider; its 300 acres are considered by many as a cyclist’s heaven on earth. These nine unique trails offer cyclists an experience they will not find anywhere else.

From pro to expert, there is something for everyone at Deer Valley Resort. Whether you are looking for a quick ride or something more challenging, these park city mountain biking trails have what you need. Here’s your guide to these nine incredible Park City Mountain Biking Trails.

Part 4: East Canyon State Park

Park City Mountain biking wouldn’t be complete without a ride down East Canyon, known as the Whole Enchilada. This trail has it all—small jumps, big jumps, tabletop ledges, and wicked flow. And that’s not even half of it! Technically speaking, you don’t need expert skills to handle most parts of this trail. But if you want to get everything out of your Park City Mountain biking experience, set aside at least three hours for your descent. There are so many different routes on East Canyon State Park trails that can make or break your entire experience.

Part 5: Guardsman Pass Area

Suppose you’re looking for a little adrenaline rush, head over to Guardsman Pass. The 15-mile trail is a total elevation gain of 2,930 feet and tops out at 10,330 feet. Guardsman is designed for experienced bikers who have been on other Park City Mountain biking trails and biking for a few years or more. With its high elevation and winding downhill ride, it’s easy to understand why this is not one of Park City’s beginner trails. The beginning portion starts with a long climb before opening up into an incredible stretch through grassy meadows and rock formations that put you in awe of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Part 6: Jordanelle State Park

There’s no shortage of Park City Mountain biking, but a few are spectacular. Take Jordanelle State Park, for example—it has 11 miles of marked biking trails that pass by wetlands and bluffs before descending into narrow gorges along Mill Creek. While mountain bikers can enjoy nearly every trail in Jordanelle, it’s important not to forget that these state parks are popular destinations for hikers. Whenever possible, stick to trails labeled mountain bike and try not to block hiking traffic; most bikers know they need to yield when a hiker appears on a trail (but always check first), so make sure you do your part too!

Part 7: Powder Mountain Bike Park

Located just minutes from downtown Park City, Utah is Powder Mountain, an incredible place for mountain biking. There are 12 trails at Powder Mountain; all of them can be connected for a multi-day trip through some of Utah’s most beautiful terrain. The park has three lifts with seven trails and 13 sections (for downhill runs), not to mention its free ride features (pump tracks and jump lines). Beginners can enjoy a gentle 2-mile ride down; experts will find everything they need on Top Gun. A double black diamond trail that takes riders straight down 1800 vertical feet over 4 miles. If you want excellent trails close to town, head out there and see what the fuss is about!

Part 8: Snowbasin Resort

Snowbasin Resort is a four-season resort located in Huntsville, Utah, just north of Salt Lake City. It’s conveniently located within an hour’s drive of several major metropolitan areas and offers stunning scenery year-round. To be a great place for outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, it’s also known for its park city mountain biking trails. The network includes five off-road singletrack mountain bike trails with Evo Bobber, Soggy Bottom Pump Track, and Wheelie Weave Trail.

Part 9: Solitude Mountain Resort

Built-in 1963, Solitude is one of Utah’s oldest ski resorts. It’s also known for some of its most exhilarating park city mountain biking trails. Although there are only five options, each trail winds through varied terrain, so there’s plenty of variety—and opportunities for breathtaking views. Think winding forest rides, steep rock gardens, and sprawling hills that challenge riders without bringing on a serious adrenaline rush. In other words: The kind of rides perfect for beginners and pros alike who want to enjoy nature and still get an excellent workout without anything but miles ahead of them. Here are nine reasons why we love Park City Mountain biking at Solitude

Tips for Beginner or Pro Cyclist

Park City Mountain biking offers a lot of fun for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro cyclist, Park City can offer everything you are looking for with incredible views. Numerous biking trails traverse both wooded areas and steep mountainside pathways. Enjoy riding through aspen and conifer trees while taking in breathtaking views of Park City, Utah, at every turn! Try out these greattrails on your next visit to Park City, Utah!