Top Canadian Online Bike Stores

Biking is as popular a sport in Canada as it is in other parts of the world. Thus, it is no surprise that Canadians are constantly on the lookout for quality bikes. This article seeks to review some of the best Canadian online bike stores under the following headings.

Part 1: Dick’s Sporting Goods

When it comes to sports and athletics, Dick’s Sporting Goods is a popular brand. This brand has been associated with quality for a long time. And it is almost impossible to fault any of the products sold in the store. Luckily for cyclists, Dick’s Sporting Goods is also a one-stop shop for bikes of different kinds. These bikes include mountain bikes, cruisers, and hybrids, and the store stocks these bicycles from the biggest brands such as Charge, Mongoose, GT, and the like.

canadian online bike shops

Buying a bicycle on this Canadian online bike store is very easy, all thanks to the user-friendly navigation tool. All you have to provide is the details of the bike you would like to buy such as brand, colour, preferred wheel size, frame size, and the likes. Then you will see different options. They fit your requirements and you are a click away from getting the bike you want.

Some of the perks of buying your dream bike on this Canadian online bike shop include free assembly, fast delivery, free shipping for purchases over $65. And it has a 30-day money return policy.

Part 2: REI

This Canadian online bike store is another one-stop shop for everything that deals with outdoor sports and bikes are not an exception. The store requires a $20 membership registration that grants every member a 10% discount on all bike purchases. REI provides the free assembly offer to customers making their purchases in-store. Online customers are provided with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow video on the product page to guide them through the assembly process.

With regards to the prices at REI, it all depends on the brand and the specifications. While a high-end electric bike could cost as much as $4000, most bikes including mountain bikes and step-through bikes, are well within the $300 to $500 price range.

Part 3: Bike Exchange

If you are looking to get a used bike from a Canadian online bike shop, the BikeExchange is one of the best options. While you may not be able to trust online platforms such as Craiglist and eBay for used bikes, BikeExchange steps up where these platforms and their likes have failed. First off, BikeExchange makes the process of getting a befitting bike easy. All you have to do is provide the details such as your budget, the preferred height for the bike, and the type of bike you want. With these details provided, you will get an array of options based on the current inventory.

The Canadian online bike shop also allows you to chat with experts while making your purchase online through the chatbox option. This gives the same feeling as though you are shopping in-store and a retail clerk was there with you, thus creating a wholesome shopping experience.

Finally, bikes bought a BikeExchange come delivered partially pre-assembled with the major parts. The store also allows you to offset the cost of the new bike by listing your old bike for sale. You can also break the payment of the new bike into three or four instalments using Afterpay.

Part 4: Walmart

There is a reassuring feeling that comes with shopping in a place you are familiar with. And shopping for your bike online at Walmart gives the feeling. Walmart is already a household name in the retail business, and it also purchases bikes easily through its user-friendly interface. You can sort through the different categories of bikes available at the store. They include mountain bikes, BMX, electric bikes, and cruiser bikes. If you don’t want to go through the stress of sorting through these categories, you can use the filter option that allows you to provide the brand, height, and other details of the bike that you want.

As usual, you also get to choose the ideal type for the bike you want. You can also add the at-home assembly service for an extra $49, an Allstate-powered insurance plan. It covers electrical and mechanical failures as well as 24/7 live support. Finally, you can split the payment for the bike over 3, 6, or 12 months using Affirm.

Part 5: Target

The general notion about Target is that you can go and shop there with no list. However, with the large depot of bikes available on Target online, you will need to have a list of specifications or preferences. Otherwise, you will spend hours sorting through different options. Luckily, Target provides a bike buying guide. That makes it easier to select your preferred bike by using details such as frame material, appropriate seat width, handlebar height, and many more. It is important to state that the bikes available at Target are low-end types and mostly used for casual purposes.

Some of the perks of shopping for your bike on this Canadian online bike store include the interface. That provides a highlight reel of the bike, right on the landing page. This allows you to see the bike you are about to purchase very well. And you can compare it with other bikes and add it to your cart.

Finally, while the prices at Target are fair, you get a 5% discount on the prices of bikes if you use Target’s RedCard. This card also provides you with free shipping and a 3—day return or exchange policy. You can also get a two-year Allstate bike insurance policy that covers the mechanical and electrical tear and wear on the bike. If you are short on cash, you can pay for your bike in instalments ents using Affirm.