Mtb Rider Should Get A Fixie Mountainbike Top 5 Reasons

Fixie bikes used to be the oldies bike. But there seems to be a resurgence and acceptance of the bike recently. So, what exactly is the fuss around Fixie mountain bikes? Here’s everything you need to know before getting a fixie mountainbike for yourself.

Part 1: What Is a Fixie Bike

Fixie is an informal word to describe bikes that come with fixed gears. Fixie mountain bikes usually have their gears fixed to the rear wheel. Hence, you have to keep pressing on the pedals to get moving. Generally, Fixie bikes are one of the simplest and most convenient bikes. You don’t need to bother about cranksets, shifters, derailleurs, etc.

However, there is a popular misbelief about Fixie bikes. Many people conclude that all single-speed bikes are fixes, and this is a mistaken notion. Normally, bikes with fixed gears don’t have a freewheel, and your legs must always be on the rear wheel. In addition, the most effective way to break a moving Fixie bike is to backpedal.

Now that you have an idea of what Fixie bikes are, you might be worried if the bike poses any safety risks. So, let’s get to know whether Fixie bikes are safe for you.

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Part 2: Are Fixie Bikes Safe

Fixie bikes are generally safe. But as you may be aware, there are two sides to a coin. Just as Fixie bikes can be safe is the same way they can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle these bikes. Firstly, Fixie bikes are most suitable for experienced riders. If you are using bikes other than Fixie bikes presently, it is easier to adapt and ride Fixie bikes along the mountains without sustaining any injury. In fact, there are some turns and other skillful displays that only the initiated (experienced riders) can perform with Fixie bikes. On the other hand, riding Fixie bikes can be a little bit challenging for new riders at first. And this is due to the braking system.
If you have been having fun coasting with other bikes, you should take it slow with Fixie bikes. All you have to do is to take your time and learn how to ride Fixie bikes along the mountains. For sure, you will get used to these bikes within a short period of time.

Part 3: Are Fixie Bikes Good for Long Distance Mountain Biking

Many bike enthusiasts are curious to know the length a Fixie bike can go. And the answer is double-edge. Of course, it is possible for Fixie bikes to go long distance. At the same time, you might only be able to enjoy your Fixie mountain bike for just some minutes. It all depends on a number of factors which we will now discuss.

Is Your Fixie Bike In Good Condition

No bike can function properly without good maintenance. If you want to enjoy Long Distance Mountain biking, then you should make sure the tires of your mountain bike Fixie are in good condition. Bad tires will only leave you frustrated in the middle of the jungle. Likewise, your Fixie mountain bike’s chain must be properly put so that it won’t fall off while you bike along the mountain tracks.

What Is Your Own Idea Of “Long Distance”

“Long distance” means different things to different people. What you consider to be short distance might be considered by another biker as long distance. For instance, some riders are comfortable riding for close to 60-80 miles at a stretch, while others see 30-40 miles as long distance. So, you must first determine what makes long distance for you.

What Will You Be Doing On These Long Distance Rides

Different mountains have their own peculiarities. All around us, there are mountains with rugged terrains. Others may also be sloppy and steep. Do you want to head out and simply enjoy the beauty of the mountains? Or you want to tackle the steep descents.

Is Your Body Up To The Task

Many times, some riders lament their inability to ride long distance on their fixie bikes. Quite frankly, it is not because Fixie bikes are not suitable for such duration. In most cases, such riders are used to riding geared bikes. Their body is used to riding comfortably, while the bike does majority of the work for them. Hence, riding Fixie bikes for some time means they might experience some pains and difficulties. Also, if you didn’t enjoy long distance on a geared bike, chances are that you will dislike long distance riding on Fixie bikes.

Part 4: What You Must Consider When Learning To Ride Fixie Bikes

No One Has Ever Been Wrong By Setting Goal

Before starting out as a Fixie rider, you should draw a plan. In fact, this is your best bet to maximize the potentials of a mountain bike Fixie. If exercising is your motivation for getting a Fixie bike, then you should know the number miles you would be willing to go. Likewise, learning and fun is better when you have a companion. So, you can look around for Fixie bike enthusiasts like you. Gradually, you will become a master of the hills with your Flexie bike.

Slow And Steady Is Never Out Of Fashion

Don’t be mistaken. The fact that you have shown interest in mountain biking doesn’t mean you should head out to the mountains immediately. It is better that you try out the Fixie bike on plain ground, otherwise, you might be subjecting yourself to harm and injuries you might never recover from. As time goes by, you can hop on your bike and ride along bumpy areas. Once you have covered sufficient distance in these terrains for a good period of time, it becomes easier to pedal and navigate your way in the mountains.

Break it Down into Chunks

You cannot master mountain riding with Fixie bikes in a day. Indeed, it takes some time and consistency. You should avoid falling into the trap of being anxious. Take your time to perfect your mountain biking skills. Always bear in mind: “A step at a time!”  In addition, you should set a calendar for yourself, and remember to tick the boxes when you reach a new milestone. When you start off, chances are that you will feel some pain and tiredness. But not to worry, you can take breaks at intervals and head out again till you feel confident in riding your Fixie mountain bike.

Part 5: Why MTB Riders Should Get a Fixie Bike

Fixie Bikes Are Cheaper

Getting a Fixie bike is quite flexible. If you have another type of mountain bike right now, you can remove a few components and downgrade it to a single-geared bike. Likewise, you can purchase Fixie bikes at a reliable store around you for about $300. Fixie bikes are cheaper than other kinds of bikes.

Fixie Bikes Are Simple But Classy

There’s nothing as easy as riding your bike without having to think about changing gears. Fixie bikes standout for one thing – just pedal and ride. Hence, you don’t need to worry on what gear to use as you go up or down the mountains. Indeed, this allows you to navigate the terrain better.

Lighter Bikes Are Better

Most mountain bikes are heavy because of the several components put together to make the product. But many of these components are not compulsory. You can have so much fun in mountain biking with just a simple bike. And Fixie bikes afford you that experience. Not everyone can ride a heavy bike for long. Making curves and bends could be more difficult with heavy bikes. Therefore, you can customize your Fixie bike to a preferable weight.

Everyone Loves A Bike That Is Easy To Maintain

Let’s back up to cars. You will recall that cars with more components are generally more expensive to maintain. That’s exactly what applies to single speed bikes and other bikes. With Fixie bikes, you barely have to fix any other thing apart from the chain and probably the cogs. This saves you a lot of money in the long run. Likewise, it’s easier to detect faults in Fixie bikes since you have to work with just a few components.

Perfect Option to Exercise

Mountain biking is a great way to work out. As you pedal your Fixie bike up and down the hill, the whole of your body gets involves in the activity. If you try this for some time, expect to burn a lot more fat than you could shed in other physical activities.

Part 6: Other Reasons Why You Should Choose the Fixie Mountain Bike

Feel Special among Your Friends

Having a customized Fixie bike makes riders feel on top of the world. When you have a personalized bike, your confidence tends to get better. Also, imagine getting to the top of the mountain with just a single gear? How proud are you going to feel among other riders? You would be more respected when you know your onions as a Fixie bike rider.


Having to hear the sound of chain clanking, or gears crunching can be annoying. You should have a therapeutic experience by hearing the birds chirping and listen to your voice echo in the mountains. Fixie bikes are best to enjoy that jungle silence.

Part 7: Configuring Your Fixie Bike

You must have noticed some Fixie riders moving around town with their bikes. Some of them have unique colors and others have unusual components. All in all, these features are to give the riders the riders the comfort they desire. Are you aware that you can also customize your own Fixie bike? Just think of anything you need that can improve your mountain biking experience and add the features to your bike. This can be both in appearance and operation.
If you want to reduce the effects of bumpy mountain terrains, you can opt for the steel frame. Unlike aluminum frames, steel frames are heavier. However, you cannot overlook the effects of rough terrains across the hills.  You need a reliable component that can absorb the shock that comes with rough trails.
Still on bike configuration, you need to have a good saddle. You may want to ask why. Well, the answer is simple. With geared bikes, you can stand as you move around the mountain; the breaks control the movement of the bike. But it is a different case with Fixie bikes. Remember that you have to keep pedaling. Hence, you might not be able to stand up on your bike as much as you want. This means that you would be sitting on your saddle for longer periods. You don’t want to regret your actions while in the middle of the mountains. So, make sure to get comfortable a comfortable saddle for your Fixie bike.

Final Thoughts

The thrill that comes with mountain biking is better experienced only when you possess certain skills, and getting a Fixie bike will help refine your skills. Since the gears are single ones, your concentration doubles and you also get to improve your mountain biking techniques. But before you decide to buy it, you have to know it, at Cool Mountain Bikes you can fully understand this mountain bike.
What better way can you enjoy mountain biking than use a bike that lets you channel raw power while you cruise along the mountains?
Above all, trying out a Fixie bike can be addictive. Once you put your bike out there in the mountains for some time, you are bound to develop a connection with your Fixie bike. Exciting times are here in the MTB world and you should be part of this fascinating experience by getting a Fixie bike.