Some MTB Helmet to Keep Your Brain Safe While You Ride

MTB Helmet gives safety for your head when riding a mountain bike. Our heads are irreplaceable, which is why you should look for mountain bike helmets as a kind of head protection. This post will provide you with some helmets and details about them.

Part 1: MTB Helmet Products Overview

Lazer Chiru MIPS ($70)

This mtn bike helmet is extremely comfortable, has a neutral fit, and does not bounce about when used over rough terrain. Also, the retention system adjusts incrementally. Because of MIPS protection, it is an extremely safe helmet. The helmet is somewhat warm, but not excessively so, and some glasses with a wider frame may not be compatible. Despite these niggles, the Chiru has a lot to recommend it.’

mtb helmet


  • Comfortable
  • It’s great to wear even on long bike rides because they have a neutral fit


  • Some glasses don’t work with the lid
  • On long climbs, it can get quite hot

Why you Should Buy Lazer Chiru MIPS

The Chiru MIPS from Lazer is a cost-effective trail lid that takes MIPS’s rotational impact protection to a more affordable pricing point. It’s also remarkably comfortable and breezy at the same time.

Giro Manifest Spherical ($260)

Due to its highly ventilated design, the Giro Manifest Spherical is considerably more breezy than other trail helmets, especially at slower speeds. Also, there is adequate coverage, yet it remains amazingly light. The strain around the head is comfortable, and there are no hotspots. Additionally, the padding is substantial enough to ensure comfort and absorbs enough sweat to prevent dripping. Therefore, Giro Manifest Spherical is one of the exceptional helmets for a mountain bike on this list.


  • Well vented
  • Extremely comfortable fit
  • Decent coverage
  • Exceptional safety features
  • Lots of well-considered, useful extras


  • Average weight
  • Expensive

Why you Should Buy Giro Manifest Spherical

Spherical Technology lets the outer liner rotate around the inner liner during a crash, and it also stops the liner from coming into contact with a hard-plastic slip-plane. The Manifest also has the best protection for your head, thanks to the AURA reinforcing arch, which helps keep the structure strong while allowing air to flow into the huge Wind Tunnel vents. There are also easy fit and positioning adjustments to the Roc Loc Trail Air fit system. plush, anti-microbial XT2 padding also comes with a fit system for exceptional sweat absorption.

Troy Lee Designs A3 ($220)

It is Troy Lee Designs’ top trail helmet, and it comes after the A1 and A2. These helmets set a standard for mountain bike helmet design, and the A3 builds on that. One of TLD’s most well-known shapes is A3, and TLD hasn’t skimped on safety either! The helmet has two layers of foam to protect you at different speeds when you get hit.

It also has a MIPS liner, which helps keep your head from hurting. Virginia Tech’s Helmet rating project gave it a rating of five stars out of five for this helmet. When you wear the A3 on the trail, there is a fair amount of breeze over your head, and the magnetic visor doesn’t move around as much as on some other helmets. It’s a little heavier than some, but it’s very comfortable and worth the money.


  • Great fit
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Easy to adjust
  • Goggle-friendly peak
  • Deep-dish coverage
  • Feels secure


  • It will not work with all riding specifications
  • Expensive

Why you Should Buy Troy Lee Designs A3

You’ll never want to take it off. The A3 mountain bike helmet sets a new standard for luxury mountain bike helmets with luxurious comfort, patent-pending safety features, ventilation that keeps you cool on even the longest climbs, and coverage that protects you on even the most treacherous descents. The highest possible rating (5-STAR) from the Virginia Tech helmet safety lab ensures your confidence in all weather situations.

Part 2: Products Features

Lazer Chiru MIPS

Increased Protection

The dropped profile gives you more protection and coverage around the sides and back of your head, as well as a better fit.

Large Visor

A colour-coordinated visor helps shield your face from the sun, mud, and branches.

The Rear LED Light is Compatible

Lazer Chiru MIPS is compatible with the Rear LED Light accessory, which makes you more visible from the back in low-light situations.

MIPS Layer

Rotational brain injuries can happen when your head moves with the helmet shell when you hit the ground. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helps protect your head by keeping it from moving with the helmet shell.

Turnfit Plus System (TS+)

This is a unique system that makes sure there are no hotspots or places where you feel pressure because it adjusts the circumference of your head.

5-star Protection Rating

The Virginia Tech impact tests use the STAR evaluation system to see how well a helmet can protect a cyclist’s head from various types of collisions. 5-stars imply the best possible rating.


Lazer Chiru MIPS weight is 363g.

Giro Manifest Spherical

Spherical Technology

Spherical Technology’s Ball-end-Socket design, which Mips powers, helps you redirect impact forces away from the brain by allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. It helps to protect the brain. Another benefit is that it doesn’t touch the skin with hard plastic or slip-planes.

Progressive Layering

Dual-density foam lines have a design to handle both high and low-speed impacts for better energy management.

Aura Reinforcing Arch

The Aura Reinforcing Arch, which is shatter-proof and translucent, helps to keep the helmet’s structure strong.

Integrated Eyewear Grippers

Integrates eyewear grippers to help secure sunglasses.

Mips Brain Protection System

The goal of Giro’s Mips-equipped helmets is to make them less likely to rotate. Giro thinks this technology can cut down on the amount of rotational force that may be transmitted to the rider’s brain in certain crashes, which could be bad for them.

Adjustable Moto-style Screw-in Visor

A mechanism lets you move the visor up and down in indexed steps, so you can move the visor up or down. These steps have three riding positions and a high spot for goggles storage above your brow. You can easily adjust your visor while you’re on the road with one hand.

Roc Loc Train Air Fit System

It has a micro-adjustable fit adjustment, better ventilation, and a durable design to withstand abrasion, scratches, and UV rays.


For medium size, this helmet weight is 363g.

Troy Lee Designs A3


The helmet is equipped with TLD’s “3-way Magnajust visor”, which clicks into three distinct settings. It is extremely secure in each position yet still manages to be easily manoeuvred with just one hand. Additionally, the visor may be pushed past its highest position, allowing full-sized goggles or sunglasses to fit comfortably underneath.

Fidlock Buckle

The A3 has a magnetic 3D-Fidlock buckle that is so easy to put together that you can almost throw the two sides at each other, and the magnet clicks them together. Once it’s put together, it feels very safe and only comes apart by sliding the parts in different directions.

Retention System

It is different from many other helmets because the A3 has adjustable mounting points. This means the retention system can be moved further up or down the back of your head to get the perfect fit.


The TLD A3 MIPS helmet is clearly developed with safety priority. It has a three-layer shell of EPP, EPS foam, and a hard outer shell. Low-speed EPP foam absorbs impact. The EPS foam is built for high-speed hits. The B-Series MIPS rotating brain protection system is within. This technology reduces rotational stresses on the rider’s head, minimising the risk of concussion or brain damage.

Integration of MIPS liner with retention system, so when you adjust the helmet with the clicky dial, it tightens uniformly around your head, not simply from the back. “It’s a full 360-degree system”, as TLD puts it. Lastly, the TLD A3 obtained a 5/5 safety rating from Virginia Tech.


The TLD A3 features 16 ventilation holes.


Troy Lee Designs A3 weight is 411g (M/L).

Part 3: Products Performance

Lazer Chiru MIPS

The Chiru MIPS provided outstanding comfort, with a well-shaped, neutral fit. On the interior of the lid, there are no hot spots, pressure points, and irregularities. Furthermore, the retention mechanism worked effectively, gradually tightening the fit. There are no noticeable gaps between ratchet clicks, and plenty of adjustabilities are available to achieve the perfect fit.

When the indexed thumbwheel is turned, it makes a positive click, making adjustment easy while on the move. Straps are large and comfy, as well as easily adjustable. This helmet absorbed a lot of sweat, but after a long time in the sun or much hard work, it became saturated and didn’t dry out quickly. So, sweat will drip down your brow.

While climbing slowly, the Chiru can get a little hot. It’s not as hot as some other brands, but Lazer should think about where and how big the vents should be to help keep the air cool. Also, the rim of the helmet made contact with a pair of glasses. This issue occurs only with thicker-armed glasses, so it’s worth checking to see whether yours are compatible with the Chiru. Surprisingly, even with large-framed glasses, the Chiru MIPS functioned really well. There is ample room beneath the front of the lid, and the goggles nor the helmet is pushed down.

Lazer Chiru MIPS Bottom Line

Despite a few minor niggles, the Lazer Chiru MIPS is really comfortable to wear and an extremely safe helmet in an accident.

Giro Manifest Spherical

On the trail, there’s no way to avoid how light and airy the Manifest feels. There is a large port above the brow of your helmet that lets air come in. It also lets air flow over top of your head. During a long ride on a hot day, you will not feel any hot spots or pressure points.
Because Giro’s padding is thick, it keeps things comfortable and wicks away enough sweat so that it doesn’t drip down into your eyes when you’re really working hard.

But it isn’t too thick like others, so it doesn’t feel too warm or plush. Keep in mind that when you wear glasses, you will need to wrap glasses arms over helmet straps just like with a road helmet. This is because they are close to your face.

Giro Manifest Spherical Bottom Line

Overall, while the Manifest Spherical is an expensive helmet, it is one of the best vented trail helmets, packed with various neat and helpful features and plenty of safety tech. Also, there is adequate coverage and, given the construction, it is also quite light.

Troy Lee Designs A3

The new A3 definitely fits better than both the A1 and A2. It will be very comfortable when you get the size right for the new A3. Also, the M6 padding liner provides just enough cushion and comfort but dries quickly when it gets soaked from the sweat. The retention cradle feels very even thanks to its deep-dish fit as well as its ample coverage. Also, you don’t need to crank the indexed adjuster dial-up too far for it to feel snug and secure enough – and not move around when going over rough terrain.

However, some people found it difficult to get a pair of riding glasses to fit comfortably on the A3. The glasses’ arms either hit the back of the lid or the retention cradle. Although some glasses don’t fit, they can be put in the back of the helmet and kept there while you grind your way back up the hill. In the end, the straps are easy to adjust and the FidLock magnetic buckle is quick and easy to use, even if you have gloves on. In comparison to some lids, this one doesn’t sit too close to your neck.

Troy Lee Designs A3 Bottom Line

The Troy Lee Designs A3 helmet is an excellent choice that you will enjoy wearing. It is pricey, but the quality makes up for it.