The Top MTB Carbon You May Consider

The carbon MTB bikes are often compared with aluminum-framed bikes. Carbon bikes are praised for the flexibility and the feathery lightweight that everyone loves. If you’re a carbon bike fan, here’s the best MTB carbon you can buy:

Part 1: Introduction

When talking about MTB carbon, we can have lots of options circling around our heads. Mountain bikes do come in so many types and variations depending on the purposes. The character of cross country bikes is surely different from mountain bikes. You can’t also compare trail bikes with city bikes. They simply have different directions here.

About the Price

We’ll see various options, starting from the bike that’s priced the most expensive to the ones that are more affordable. Surely, the price shows quality. That’s why the budget aspect is also an important factor to consider besides the bike’s specifications. We will see which one of the available options is most suitable for you in terms of affordability, easiness, features, and comfort.

Usually, 400$+ is a good start to find a bike that’s at least capable of conquering trails and off-road environments. But, you need to know what you’ll get with this amount of money. You can’t expect something luxurious or highly supporting comfort within this price range. If you want to try buying a bike for the first time, it’s always best to start with the affordable one.

You can, however, get a decent bike at under $600, although the chances are pretty slim. Someone might even spend way more than that, over limiting their credit card over thousands of dollars. It’s possible, and in fact, it’s quite common. When the hype is coming, it’s hard to stop the flow. That’s why we recommend making a purchase only when your condition is stable.

The MTB carbon would cost a lot more than the bikes that mostly use aluminum parts. That’s probably the reason why the bikes we want to explain to you have prices of more than a thousand dollars. But, these bikes are top of their classes in terms of performance and comfortability. And we only want to suggest the best of the best for you.

Part 2: Best Carbon Bikes to Buy

Without further ado, let us start with the first one, Specialized Turbo Levo Comp.

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

The price might be frightening for most people, and that’s rational. $7,500 might be a huge price to pay for a mountain bike, but believe us, there are many bikes that are priced even higher that have worse kinds of features. Price is certainly not everything, but it’s the factor to determine what kind of product you’ll receive.

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp is a full carbon mountain bike that offers high quality and best performing handling, greater battery life, and even beautiful modern styling for more confidence. There’s the newer model, which has an even larger battery capacity and a better, more-impressive build than the previous one.

The bike, however, still carries some points that you can find in the older 2019 model, like the frame design, geometry, better LEd charge, and output display. Specialized, although it has anything to make it fancy, is actually pretty normal than any other bike within its class. Despite the regular feeling it delivers, this bike may provide all-around great performance that any of them can’t even match.

Parts placement is very nice. Battery, along with the motor, are neatly placed into this full carbon MTB’s frame. It also has a low center of gravity for better downhill performance. Bikers will feel less tired thanks to the great range of speed to take ups and downs. The better battery capacity is also able to bring up more travel distance.

Turbo Levo has been a favorite for many bikers. Everyone is impressed with how good it is. The battery capacity is amazing, and the performance is great. Although it’s a bit pricey, Turbo Levo is an absolutely good choice.

Trek Farley 7

The next bike on the list is Trek Farley 7, which is also the carbon mtb bike that has an all-rounder performance. The great performance is the result of the marriage between the suspension fork and the seat post. The bike has middle-of-the-road geometry, which really works on ascents and descents. You may also notice the Girthy 4,5 inches Bontrager tires that help to provide better traction on different surfaces.

The bike has set itself far away from the competition. By seeing the whole character, the bike is more suitable to be called a mountain bike rather than a cross country bike. There’s the 80 mm suspension which may help to travel across rough terrains or rocky grounds. The dropper post is able to get the saddle up and down, so you can freely adjust it in any way you like. It’s not as capable as other bikers when you take it riding on dirt trails or mixed conditions.

Farley 7 is still far from lightweight. Its 36 lbs would easily scare anyone who is wishing for a better and lighter bike. The weight is the reason why it’s not suitable for racing, climbs, and long travel. But, if the weight is not your main problem, feel free to test Farley 7. Although it feels heavy, it’s still capable of delivering a fun, exciting ride.

Specialized Fuse Expert 29

Another product from Specialized, we’re now switching to the Fuse Expert 29. The bike has a long reputable journey and got even better starting 2020 when the update was announced. This MTB carbon bike has a total redesign and new geometry. Another addition is the 29 inches wheels.

We have concluded that the bike is impressive and able to deliver a well-rounded performance. The geometry is simple but effective. It’s not the best, but still more than enough. The speed is stable, confidence in taking corners, and incredibly responsive.

For climbs, it is still less superior than an XC race bike. But at least the seating position is better, and other features like a 12-speed drivetrain and rear tire are surely enjoyable.

This full-carbon mountain bike is still considered lightweight at nearly 30 lbs in total. Of course, when you spend more time browsing in the market, you may find much better bikes with lighter weight, better efficiency, and charging options. But, this bike is still very versatile, fun, and well-rounded.

Alton XC 3.2

Presented with a sporty and dynamic design, cycling alone or participating in any event with this bike makes you the center of attention.

Although economical, this mountain bike has been equipped with 26-inch tires and speed options for up to 24 shifts. However, this bicycle is more suitable for close-range use and not for children under 150 cm tall. For long distances, the durability that is owned is not as good as other middle and upper-class mountain bikes.

Evergreen EG 225

Evergreen EG 225 is preferred by novice cyclists who want to traverse light terrains, such as cross country or slightly contoured country roads. There is a front crankset with three discs and a cassette sprocket of 7 discs each, making this mountain bike have 21 different speed levels.

Shifters or gear shift components of this bicycle are easy to adjust the displacement with just your thumb and forefinger. In addition, the bicycle frame made of steel is proven to be strong and durable. Support grip disc brakes add more value to this bike.

Part 3: About Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is without a doubt one of the wonders of bicycles, regardless of the type of bike. Thanks to the ratio or ratio between strength and weight, the ability to customize the frame shape, and timeless durability, bicycle manufacturers make any product they have to switch to carbon. You could say modern bicycles will enter the carbon era.

Other materials for bicycles are more difficult to work with in terms of ease and limitations of form and design. Carbon fiber is easy to mold and shape to whatever the bike designer wants it to be. This ability is the advantage of carbon material to make a bicycle frame that is aerodynamic, strong, and very light!

Carbon Fiber became popular in the early 1990s, although it has been in use since the late 1980s. The carbon material is revered because of its very lightweight compared to stainless or aluminum materials at that time. Initially, carbon fiber was very expensive, although it has more strength but is not too prominent compared to other materials; the development of technology continues to grow and the increasing number of enthusiasts, making carbon material a prima donna for bicycles.

Over time, the use of carbon materials has extended to many bicycle components, not just the frame. In addition to the advantages of its capabilities, a bicycle made of carbon can also reduce fatigue on cyclists compared to other materials.

carbon mountain bicycles

Part 4: Conclusion

So those are the five top full carbon MTBs that you may consider. You may notice that we put bikes with higher prices and then further added the most affordable ones as an option for those of you who are on a budget.

Make sure to spend some time looking at the reviews and tests to make up your mind about a particular model or brand. Don’t hustle it. Think it through, consider many things before buying.