Using Internet Bikeshop to Buying Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are bikes specifically built for mountain biking and could be gotten through internet bikeshop. Mountain biking is a very interesting sport which involves riding bikes in rough, mountainous areas including off-roads and other parts of rough terrains.

Part 1: What Makes a Mountain Bike Different From Other Bikes

1. Purchase Mountain Bikes on the Online Bike Store

After you have known what to consider before mountain biking, your next step is buying bikes online. However, we now live in a world where everyone buys things online and mountain bikes are definitely one of those things you could in online cycle store.

There are a number of stores for online bicycle store but what do you do when there are so many pictures, so many descriptions and the bikes are not tactile. You can only see their pictures, which have been carefully taken with excellent cameras from excellent angles. You may be confused and decide to buy a bike in-store or in a bike shop. It is a good choice, too.

Since you have insisted to buy bikes online rather than buying in a physical bike shop or store. These are the things you should consider before making your choice. We are sure that if you follow this guide, you are most likely to select a good bike and not just that, you are likely to select the bike which would fit perfectly for you.

For a beginner, you may be wondering what a mountain bike looks like or what makes a mountain bike different from other kinds of bikes.

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2. Features of Mountain Bikes in the Online Bike Store

Unlike regular road bikes or regular bikes, mountain bikes have features that make them stand out and fit for the sport for which they had been originally built  – mountain biking. Mountain bikes can move on roads but they are not very suitable for road use because they have a cushy ride.

a. Tires

Why are mountain bike tires usually fatter? Because it is more convenient for rough surfaces. Unlike road bikes, the tires of the mountain bike are typically stronger and tougher than that of regular bikes.

b. Weight

Speaking of weight, road bikes or regular bikes are lighter and may tend to have more speed, but mountain bikes are quite heavier and designed for steady. While mountain bikes are not good for long distances, road bikes can. This is one of the things to look out for when choosing mountain bikes, especially when buying online.

c. Rears

The rear cassette of mountain bikes is typically bigger. This means that they have more multiple gear groups on the carrier and could distribute forces equally.

d. Handlebars

The handlebars of mountain bikes are different from regular or road bikes in both design and shape. Mountain bikes have wide and flat handlebars. Look out for that too, to be sure you are buying the right bike.

e. Designed styles

Bike boots lock onto the pedals for climbing, a design commonly seen on mountain bikes. The wheels are often 26″, which would make a perfect hit and crash on rocks and resist the unbidden yet compelled brakes from potholes.

f. Suspension

Check out the suspension, but remember that comfort is not the most important thing in mountain bike design.The suspension is not the same as you have on your regular bikes. There are three types of suspension in mountain bikes and you should consider them when buying bikes online or in-store. There is the front suspension, back suspension, and dual suspension. Whichever you chose to buy, handling and maintenance should be put into consideration too.

g. Frames

The frames of mountain bikes are different too. It is stronger and tough and has better weight handling than other kinds of bikes. Mountain bikes also have wide knobbies to provide control or traction in loose dirt or sticky mud. The frames of mountain bikes are built with a number of materials, which provide the bikes with the ability to handle roughness and weight.

Three materials are often used in building the frames of mountain bikes, including steel, carbon fiber, and titanium. What is the cheapest material to make a frame? Is steel. Titanium is the most expensive. Lightweight yet strong. This combination of aluminium and steel does not need painting. If you wish to get this, you should be ready to spare some more cash.

Part 2: How do I Select a Good Mountain Bike in Online Bike Store

There is no straight-jacketed way to select a good mountain bike especially when you want to buy bike online. You need to learn the metrics and weigh your options as we have explained in Part 1.

If you are shopping online especially, take your time to read through the product description. If you could call in to ensure you have the best, you should probably do so. It is your right to get value for your money.

If you are buying a bike in a mountain bike shop or store, take your time to look through the section thoroughly to make sure you are making the right choice. Ask questions if you must. If you have never bought a bike before, especially a mountain bike, it is advisable that you seek the help or opinion of someone who knows better.

Part 3: How much Would a Good Quality Mountain Bike Cost in the Internet Bikeshop

The cost of bikes varies depending and the quality and brand. For instance, titanium-framed bikes cost more than regular’s steel-frame mountain bikes. This is where your choice comes to play in determining cost. Your budget is very important too. Simple mountain bikes should cost between $450 and $1000. Although, there are thrift bikes that cost less and there are brands that could cost you as much as $5000!