Carbon Hardtail 29er Review

Fans of mountain biking and trailing are already familiar with carbon mountain bikes. The new Mtb hardtail 29 carbon is among the best mtbs for trailing. Here’s the brief review of the On-One carbon hardtail 29er mountain bike:

Part 1: At a Glance

Despite the new experience of On-One in dealing with carbon fiber material, the brand is supported by Planet X, its sister brand who’s more capable of manufacturing bikes using carbon fiber materials. Their skills are cost-effective yet still capable of keeping quality on the top. The result is On-One’s carbon hardtail 29er, a lightweight and valuable bike that can take you to conquer even the most challenging trails.

It’s not the top one in its class but is an option for the market looking for a comfy and easy-to-ride bike. The overall look shows that the bike is made with simplicity in mind. They wanted to keep everything excellent while focusing on the best riding experience that the buyers will undoubtedly get.

Part 2: Handling and Performance

The easy handling and better performance result from the feathery lightweight combined with the parts and components that are also a huge part of delivering smoother riding for taking climbs and higher terrains. Chassis made of carbon is implemented to give softer comfort and impact when riding across bumps and obstacles. There’s also the slight vertical flex you may find in the extended back end, which supports traction delivery.

While looking at the bike’s structure, we noticed a twist, something that’s different, which you can also see within the On-One’s carbon hardtail 29er. Despite the addition of quick-release axled and the steerer fork that’s a bit skinny, the steering is actually well-made for trailing across rocks, roots, or any other off-road sections.

Looking at the rear side, you may see the long rear triangle that is useful to give the bike better control and stability during a high-speed ride. You may also notice the Maxxis CrossMark wheels there, which add different aspects for cushioning. These tires will let you take the tracks more aggressively with better grip.

Part 3: Frame & Fork

As you may expect, the frame of this Mtb carbon hardtail 29 is full of carbon parts. That makes the weight a little bit better than all the bikes in its class. But, if weight is your main concern, you can try looking for a Scott carbon frameset, which will cost you even less. Looking at the CEN certification, you can rely upon and be confident with the bike’s strength at all times.

By looking deeper into its parts, you may notice that there are carbon chainstays that you can spot in the alloy dropout plates. The chainstay is placed at an angle that makes it possible for a more straightforward setup and also the crash protection. People are mainly talking about the fork, one of the unique parts of this carbon mtb 29 hardtails.

If you try to compare it directly with some bikes on the market, you may notice some similarities. But, the differences are even more significant. Since you may be able to see the profile more clearly, you can see that the cross-section that’s triangular and has a more forward curve to it. The main reason for this change is to support the comfort ride without abandoning the sense of aesthetic of this carbon hardtail 29er.

There are also some differences that you may find within the bike, like the dropouts, for example. They are now vertical, which then creates the need to design a vertical-rearward angle in the fork part.

29er carbon hardtail mountain bike

Part 4: Riding Experience

At this point, we already understand that the mtb carbon hardtail 29 is a lightweight partner that may offer simplicity, comfort, and stability for trailing. But how about the actual riding experience?

After testing the bike for weeks in multiple conditions, we have come to the conclusion that the bike is actually quite lovely to ride, especially on the saddle. Some people even reached their best time during local races by using this bike. The reason is probably the aspect of comfort, which is one factor everyone praises. The bike is able to deliver a more relaxed ride, even during your most challenging conditions.

Although the fork is rigid and stiff enough, riders can still enjoy a comfortable ride. They can control the bike quickly and use it to easily maneuver the tracks. The support for riders can also make them less tired than usual.

If you are looking for a bike in a very reasonable value for money, superlight, and able to provide a more comfy ride, this On-One’s mtb carbon hardtail 29 is the one for you. The look may not be pleasing for some people, but at least it still rivals the ones at the higher prices in terms of performance and comfort. It’s also a good option if you want to try a carbon mountain bike for the first time.

Part 5: Carbon MTB Buying Guide

Indeed when you’re taking a deeper look at a specific product like this carbon hardtail 29er, you probably have a little knowledge about trail riding. But don’t worry, if you’re new and want to learn more about this activity along with the basics, here are some points you may need to remember:

Know More About Trail Riding

Now, have you been familiar with trail riding? There are actually some differences between trail and cross country riding. Trail riding is similar to mountain biking, which generally gives you off-road trails with more difficult terrains to conquer.

For trail riding, you need a bicycle that’s more specific for this occasion. The trail bike is somewhere in between Enduro racing and cross country classes. These bikes are designed with a focus on balancing for both climbs and descents. Any bike that can give you plus points on these factors is a must-have.

Usually, people will pick the best carbon 29er hardtail bikes with dual suspensions with 120 mm to 150 mm distance travel that will give riders just enough comfort in any trail. If you’re choosing a bike that you can use for the cross country, too, better look for one that supports 29 inches wheels for better grip and maneuverability. Since you will explore a wide range of terrains, it’s always better to pick a drivetrain with a more extensive gear range.

Trail bikes usually have a dropper seat post which enables the feature to adjust the height of the saddle anytime you want. You can even do it while riding. The importance of the addition is to make the biker more comfortable when adjusting to different terrains. With only a tiny flick of a switch, you can both ascend or descend the position.

About Carbon Fiber Material

Way before it became a popular option, carbon fiber was a material that only professionals would use. The relatively high cost and the difficulty in processing it made anyone look for another way. But, the price has finally come down over time, and now you can quickly notice this material on any trail bike.

Carbon fiber has similar characteristics to plastic. It’s somewhat elastic and easy to shape into any kind of product you want to create. Manufacturers have the complete freedom to change it into anything.

But, although it’s easy to mold, carbon fiber is sturdy enough for bike building. Now it’s a universal item for bike creation, especially for top-class bikes. Although it has many benefits, carbon fiber isn’t a perfect material.

Carbon fiber may break under an extensive load of stress in certain areas. If you have a rough accident, chances are the parts with carbon fiber are destroyed as well. Once any carbon fiber part has failed, it’s dangerous to re-use it as it is. So, it’s better if you immediately look for a replacement.


You now understand that carbon fiber is not an exotic material anymore. With enough and proper care, you may easily maintain the carbon parts for creating a longer-lasting bike. One thing you can do to make sure your bike is in good condition is to check the parts regularly. Five to ten minutes of inspection is enough to ensure that any parts are still in decent shape.

Part 6: Conclusion

Looking at the explanations above, we agree that the carbon mtb 29 hardtail from On-One is a more than nice bike to have. It would be a great pal for your training routines. On the outside, the appearance won’t come as a surprise factor; you may find lots of options that have even better models than this. In terms of performance and comfort, this bike is one of the best in its class.

With the price range around $800, a bike is definitely an exciting option. Especially for those who are still new to this hobby.