The Cannondale Trail Women’s Bike: Suitable for All Women Who Ride

The Cannondale Trail Women’s Bike is a hardtail mountain bike with women’s-specific features, such as a narrower handlebar, shorter reach to the brake levers, and a female-friendly saddle. It has a lightweight frame that’s designed for women’s bodies.

Mountain bikes are made for off-road use, adventure, and exploring new places. They design to get you over the most challenging terrain and through the thickest mud with ease. It doesn’t matter if you prefer riding on gravel trails or technical singletrack trails—there’s a mountain bike out there for you. Assuming you’re hoping to hit the paths or begin investigating rough terrain riding, then, at that point, this guide is precisely what you want.

Here we’ll take you through all the key considerations so that you can make an informed decision on your next purchase.

Part 1: Getting Start

What sum could it be fitting for me to spend on my first Cannondale trail womens? What are the advantages and obstacles of circle brakes? We have the answers to these questions and more in our introduction to buying a new Cannondale. Road bikes: Our comprehensive guide will help you decide whether a road bike is for your purposes, in addition to our pick of 10 of the best street bicycles for amateurs, driving and street cycling. Mountain bikes: Mountain biking is a broad church with lots of disciplines, our beginner’s guide explains what you need to know about mountain bikes and how they differ from road bikes. Urban/city bikes: How do urban or city Cannondale’s differ from other types? We explain all in our guide to city/urban Cannondales.

Part 2: How to Choose a Cannondale

At a basic level, you can divide bikes into five different categories. These are road, mountain, hybrid, folding, and BMX bikes. There are also electric-assist versions of many of these, although they’re eligible for a separate piece on that topic.

Part 3: Components and Group Sets

A lot of what makes a bike good is the components it’s fitted with. These are the parts that take your input (pushing the pedals or steering) and turn it into forwarding motion or steering the bike in the desired direction. The quality of components can vary even within a single manufacturer’s range of models.

Part 4: Frame Materials

The Cannondale Trail Women’s has a design with the female body in mind. The frame is made of custom-butt, smooth-welded 6061 aluminum, lightweight, durable and complies with EN standards. The frame has a SAVE micro-suspension system which provides comfort and performance on all terrain. The frame has a low stand over height, which allows the rider to dismount quickly. It also increases the amount of control the rider has over the bike.

Part 5: How do Seat Posts Work

A Seat post is a tube that connects the saddle to the bicycle frame. It can adjust to change the height of the saddle. The Seat post enters the frame through a hole in the top of the seat tube, which is held set up by a progression of clips, fasteners or screws. Some designs have an integrated suspension system within the post.

Seat posts are usually made from aluminum or carbon fiber and come in round or oval shapes. They are adjustable but must be cut down to size when installed on a bike. Adjustable posts allow you to raise and lower your saddle without removing it from the bike, making them ideal for riders who want flexibility over their sitting position. A quick-release lever allows easy adjustment even on the fly! Suspension seat posts offer comfort when riding over rough terrain or bumps by absorbing shock from bumpy roads and trails before it reaches your body.

cannondale trail womens

Part 6: Handlebar Width

Because,on mountain bikes, handlebar width depends on what kind of riding you do. Therefore,cross-country riders usually prefer narrower bars for quicker steering and easier maneuvering through trees. They also help keep your front wheel planted on climbs. Meanwhile,trail and enduro riders tend to prefer wider bars for better control on descents and more leverage to pop the front wheel over obstacles. Depending on the width of your shoulders, a good starting point is about shoulder-width apart.

Part 7: Saddle Choice

It’s all in the saddle. Well, for women, not necessarily. We have a shorter sit bone to sit bone distance than men, and our torsos are more concise. So, we need saddles with slightly different dimensions than our male counterparts.

Beyond that, saddle choice is highly subjective, and women tend to have more sensitive areas when it comes to saddle fit. Luckily, saddle makers have noticed, and there are many excellent choices out there.

Part 8: Tires and Rims and Wheels

The 27.5-inch models come stock with 2.25-inch Maxxis Ardent Race tires, the 29ers come with 2.2-inch Ardent Race tires, and the Cannondale Trail Women’s bikes have a 2.25-inch Maxxis Ardent Race toward the front and a 2.1-inch Ikon in the back. These are tubeless-ready and feature an EXO sidewall that is tougher than traditional single or dual ply tires, which are less puncture resistant. EXO protects against sidewall cuts and abrasions when riding on rocky trails.

Part 9: Understanding Tire Widths and Rims

Tire widths and rims are the first things to understand. The tire will say something like 26×2.1 or 700x23C. The first number is the tire diameter in inches or the rim diameter in millimeters (700mm). The second number is the tire width on this rim. So, a 2.1-inch-wide tire will be too wide for a 23mm rim; it will bulge out on each side of this narrow rim.

A 2.1-inch tire might fit an 18mm wide rim, but it won’t be as stable as it would be on a boundary with a similar width like 21mm or 24mm. The tire and rim must have equivalent widths to be compatible without any problems.

Note: A wider rim will allow more air volume inside the tire, creating more book and support for your weight and riding style. Therefore,a higher air pressure (PSI) can be used to support your weight. Meanwhile, reducing rolling resistance on smooth terrain and giving you more control in loose conditions.

Part 10: The Details

The Trail Women’s saddle has a pressure-relieving cutout and flex-tuned shell that strikes the perfect balance of comfort and support, while the women’s-specific handlebar has a shorter reach and drop for easy handling. The suspension fork and dropper post deliver 120mm of plush travel to help you stay in control on rough trails. The wide-range 2×9 drivetrain gives you plenty of gearing for climbing and descending, and hydraulic disc brakes deliver smooth, controlled stopping power.

The bike’s 27.5-inch wheels are more elegant than 29ers yet still roll over rocky trail obstacles with ease. Above all, upfront is a suspension fork with 100mm of travel to soak up bumps in the trail. Because its lockout feature ensures you’re always getting the right amount of suspension action for the terrain—whether you’re climbing or descending.

Part 11: Size and Geometry

With its dialled, stable geometry and lightweight SmartForm C2 Alloy frame, the Cannondale Trail 5 27.5 hardtail mountain bike is excellent for XC riding, trail riding, and everything in between.
The Shimano Altus/Acera drivetrain features a wide range of 27 speeds to conquer hills, while Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful braking in all conditions. The RockShox air fork equips with 100mm of travel to smooth out rough trails. The WTB STX i25 rims are wrapped with WTB Nano TCS tires for excellent traction and speed on varied terrain. Lightweight SmartForm C2 Alloy Frame.

Cannondale Trail Women’s Review

The Cannondale Trail Women’s is an affordable and capable mountain bike that’s part of the latest generation of women’s specific mountain bikes. It’s lighter, faster, and more fun on the trail than ever before. The spec is an intelligent balance between durability and affordability, and it offers a more relaxed geometry for more confident handling. The 27.5+ tires are wide enough to be stable on loose terrain but not so vast that they’re sluggish or inefficient on firmer ground. These tires also provide incredible traction, which means you can ride harder with more confidence.

The frame is built with Cannondale’s SmartForm C2 Alloy construction. as a result, lighter and stronger than previous models. It also uses a SAVE micro-suspension system in the seat stays and fork to smooth out rough trails without adding excess weight or complexity.


Because the Cannondale Trail Women’s is a lightweight, efficient hardtail mountain bike made for women. Therefore, a full-suspension frame and a high-performance aluminum frame ride superbly and give a smooth, exciting ride.

This bike is perfect for cyclists looking for an excellent ride over long trails. Cannondale Trail Women Bike has received good ratings from all its customers who have used it. You can rely on good quality when you purchase this bike, and you will have a great time riding with it. The cycle will give you hours of fun with the smooth and carefree riding experience that it can offer. It is lightweight, stylish and durable.