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Trek Mountain Bike

Committed to making simple and the best bikes in the world, Trek has become a powerhouse in the cycling industry. The Trek mountain bike is one of the bikes under the Trek brand.


How to choose the right bike? What size bike do I need?

There are many types of bicycles, including road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, etc. Different bikes are suitable for different occasions. So think about the occasions you want to use before buying a bike. Also, consider your own budget.The size of your bike that you need largely depends on your height and inseam combination.

Should your feet be on the ground when riding a bike?

With the saddle in the correct position, only the toe of one foot should touch the floor.

How does an electric bike work?

Electric bikes use an electric motor to boost your natural pedaling power. You just turn the pedals and the e-bike will automatically add power.

When should I change my bike helmet?

Many helmet manufacturers recommend replacing bicycle helmets every three years, even if it doesn't make a difference. This is because EPS cores are constantly knocked and crushed when used, stored, dropped or placed on hard surfaces. Over time, these tiny effects cause the EPS to decrease in volume, so its ability to absorb energy is reduced in the event of a large crash.

Why do you need to wear cycling shorts?

Wearing cycling shorts can make long rides more comfortable. Cycling shorts help you stay comfortable in the saddle, with breathable fabric that wicks away sweat and shock-absorbing pads to eliminate stinging while riding. They also reduce friction on fabrics that move with you and don't clump together.