Cannondale Trail Neo

The Cannondale Trail Neo is the e-bike version of the Cannondale mountain bike, a front with many applications. Cannondale trail neo performance very well, it allows you to tour dirt roads with ease and tackle natural off-road trails with ease.

Overall Review

The Cannondale Trail Neo is an electric mountain bike with confidence. The cycle’s heart is a lightweight, stiff, and additionally reinforced frame created specifically for the Trail Neo group.

To improve torsional properties and stability while riding Trail, Neo was given a short rear triangle. Internally routed chainstays and a hidden battery also add to the bike’s aesthetics.

cannondale trail neo

The Trail Neo’s clever design allows you to use the bike not only in the mountains but also in the city. With progressive geometry, potent Bosch power steering, and an actual off-road specification, the Trail NEO hardtails will take your riding to the next level, from your first foray into the backcountry to your next big trip.

Introduction of Advantages and Disadvantages

The only disadvantage is that this bike is not meant for racing, more for extreme flips. And the advantage is that it’s excellent for hiking in the mountains

Products: Frame, Kit, Model Introduction

The Trail Neo has a reinforced aluminium frame, but the frame does not remain the same in all versions, nor does the electrical scheme. However, they all follow the concept of an electric mountain bike with a hardtail frame and front suspension fork.

In all cases, the Trail Neo is equipped on the electric side with a pedal-assist system from specialist Bosch. For the most accessible version, the system is a Bosch Performance Live with a 500 Wh battery. It will provide up to 112 kilometres of autonomy when fully charged, according to the brand itself. At the other end of the Trail Neo range, the Trail Neo 1 model offers one of Bosch’s latest systems, the Bosch Performance Line CX, with a 624 Wh battery that provides up to 124 kilometres on a full charge.

The performance of the electric motor also varies depending on the version chosen, as the Trail Neo 4 gives 65 Nm of torque, while the Trail Neo 1 reaches up to 85 Nm. However, in both cases, the power is limited to a maximum of 250 W, which is allowed according to European regulations.

In all cases, unlike the design of some models, the electrical scheme is integrated into the bike’s geometry, as the battery is integrated into the bottom tube of the frame.

Shimano takes care of the braking in any version, while the front fork can be Rockshox or Suntour with 100 – 120 millimetres of travel in either brand.

Main Features of the Product

Light and nimble, stiff, and dynamic-from epic singletrack to city streets, the progressive Trail frame with its elegantly integrated Bosch drivetrain showcases our unparalleled aluminium expertise.

A short rear triangle for manoeuvrability and traction, a flat-head angle for complete stability, and a motor and battery positioned as low and central as possible create a surprisingly nimble yet stable bike.

The only technical specification where the various versions that make up the Trail Neo series converge are in the rack and fender mounts, saddle, handlebars, seat post, and grips, all made by Cannondale itself.

With the introduction of this model, Cannondale is launching a rival to the electric mountain bikes that are the entry point for every manufacturer. In other words, mountain bikes are the most sought-after, an essential concept in the electric niche.

Riding Experience, Product Recommendation

All the best features of Cannondale’s acclaimed Trail mountain bikes – we’re talking smooth handling, comfortable ride, and geometrically designed frame – with a little more fuel in the tank thanks to pure Bosch integrated power. That’s the beauty of the Trail NEO Performance e-bike, which opens up more adventures and trails you thought were possible.

Other Models of the Product

If this model didn’t appeal to you, here are two other articles describing different versions of Cannondale bikes.

As the name implies, cannondale trail neo bikes were created for fun on the Trail. Trail bikes are easy and efficient to ride up while maintaining the best possible downhill capabilities. Whether it’s a short and winding trail close to home or an all-day expedition in the mountains, designs of this type are meant to give us maximum pleasure from riding.

How can I describe the Cannondale 2020 ebike? It is one of the most recognized companies globally, which is famous for high quality and innovation. In essence, the same as riding a regular bike but much more fun; with a battery-powered motor between the pedals, you can feel the smoothness of riding a Cannondale bike.

Detailed Product Specifications

Trail Neo Series Geometry and Performance

The entire cannondale trail neo range features our premium SmartForm aluminium alloy frame. All four bikes offer the same excellent riding characteristics. The battery and drivetrain are centrally located at the lowest point of the structure, giving the bikes a sense of excellent stability. The open head tube angle improves high-speed stability so that you can ride more confidently. The lower rear fork is short for an electric bike, which means the bike is easy to manoeuvre even in tight corners.

All of the bikes in the Cannondale Trail Neo series have a single-disc drivetrain that increases in gear range as the range increases. The Trail Neo 4 has a Shimano Alivio 9-speed drivetrain with an 11-36t cassette. Combined with a 34t disc, this is enough to climb most hills with ease. The Trail Neo 3 and 2 offer very low gearing with an 11-42t cassette mounted on a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain. The Trail Neo 1 comes with 12 gears and an 11-51 tooth cassette to tackle even the most vertical ramps.

All bikes are also equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for safe stopping power in all weather conditions. The wide handlebars and short sternum add confidence when riding. Rack and fender frame mounts add to the versatility of these hardtail electric bikes.

Cannondale Trail Neo 4cannondale Trail Neo 4

There are two motors to choose from. The Trail Neo 4 has a Bosch Performance Line motor with a 500 Wh battery. This engine provides up to 65 Nm of torque and is ideal for recreational off-road riding, providing enough power for all the ups and downs on your Trail. The other motorcycles in this series have the more powerful and recently updated Bosch Performance Line CX engine. This is Bosch’s most powerful drive unit, delivering up to 85 Nm of torque, and is powerful enough to tackle the steepest climbs with ease. The Trail Neo 1 and 2 also have a larger 625 Wh battery to extend the range on your rides.

In essence, Trail Neo 4 is the simplest model, equipped with an aluminum frame and Bosch motor with a 500 Wh battery, hydraulic brakes, 9-speed transmission, and 100 mm fork. It allows you to overcome even steep paths thanks to 29 wheels and tires from 2.40.

Cannondale Trail Neo 4 Weight

Weight: 14.3 kg / 31.5 lbs – Bike and frame weights may vary in final production.

Cannondale Trail Neo 4 Test

From serious singletrack to city streets, the Trail’s progressive frame and cleanly integrated Bosch drive units showcase our unrivaled aluminum expertise, light and lively, stiff and lively.
The shorter chainstays provide agility and traction, the looser head tube angle ensures solid stability, and the battery and drive unit are positioned as low and centered as possible for a surprisingly nimble and stable feel.

True mountain bike specs set the Trail Neo apart: powerful hydraulic brakes, wide handlebars, and a short stem. But it’s also versatile, with pre-wired fiber optic cables and clever mounts for racks and fenders.

Cannondale Trail Neo 4 Review

An electric mountain bike that will up your game and ignite your passion for the track.

Cannondale Trail Neo 3

cannondale Trail Neo 3

Besides, the next model is the Trail Neo 3, which has a Bosch Cx motor with higher torque to tackle even steep climbs. Also thanks to a Shimano 10-speed gearbox that always provides the perfect cadence.

Cannondale Trail Neo 3 Test

The newest Cannondale Moterra Neo 3 Electric Mountain Bike is a groundbreaking full-suspension bike built to crunch the trails. And stretch your limits like never before. For peak performance, the Bosch Performance CX motor system delivers superior power, with smooth curves and extensive assist settings that give you total control. The integrated battery is easily removable and comes with a 750Wh battery for extended use in the woods. Perfect for trail centers, backcountry adventures, and more, this model gives you the confidence you need to take your ride to new heights.

The electric assist speed limit for this bike is 15.5 mph/25 km/h.

Smart parts selection balances value with durability and sees a soft RockShox Yari and Deluxe Select suspension combo manage 150mm of suspension travel. WTB rims are laced to Formula/Shimano hubs for fast-rolling performance and feature 2.6-inch Maxxis tires for improved traction on a variety of terrains. Shimano offers 12-speed shifting and powerful MT420 four-piston brakes for excellent braking control.

Cannondale Trail Neo 3 Review

The 2022 Cannondale Trail Neo 3 is a Cross Country Aluminium / Alloy mountain bike. It sports 29″ wheels, is priced at £3,300 GBP, comes in a range of sizes, including SM, MD, LG, XL, has SR Suntour suspension and a Shimano drivetrain.

Cannondale Trail Neo 2

cannondale Trail Neo 2

The Trail Neo 2 has a Rock Shox fork, and with its 625 Wh battery. And it has more range and allows for longer rides, especially in the mountains.

Cannondale Trail Neo 2 Review

With a powerful motor, responsive and comfortable frame, and reliable components. The Cannondale Trail Neo 2 electric mountain bike takes the exploration of off-road trails and paths even further.

Cannondale Trail Neo 1

cannondale Trail Neo 1

The top model in the range, the Trail Neo 1. It has a hydraulically controlled air fork and a new 12-speed Shimano Deore accessory group. And it is ideal for those who want to pedal frequently off. The road with maximum reliability and performance.

Cannondale Trail Neo 1 Review

Powered by Bosch’s new smart system, this e-bike features a huge 750Wh battery. Performance Line CX motor, LED remote, and a Kiox 300 display. Effortless acceleration, striking versatility, and a range of 175 kilometers on a single charge.

The Trail Neo’s battery and drive unit appear low and centered in the frame. Combined with responsive rear-end geometry and a slack head tube angle. The result is the perfect blend of stability and agility on any trail. The updated ability to explore goes further, faster, and with more confidence than ever before. True mountain bike specs define the Trail Neo: powerful hydraulic brakes, wide handlebars, and a short stem. But it’s also versatile, offering pre-wiring for lighting systems, as well as a clever mounting for racks, fenders, and brackets.

Trail Neo series is equipped with a suspension fork with 100mm of travel. This is now the standard for both cross and recreational bikes. Providing enough travel to smooth out bumps on gravel roads and forest trails, 100mm is ideal for general off-road riding. But it doesn’t feel like riding on paved bike paths. Locking levers on the forks still allow the suspension to stabilize for more efficient pedaling on smooth surfaces.