Here Are Four Aluminium Frame Mountain Bike Which You Can picks

Nowadays, aluminium is one of the most popular frames, from low-cost models to high-end models. Also, the aluminium frame is rustproof and lighter than the steel frame. So, keep reading if you’d like to know about some aluminium frame mountain bike.

Part 1: Advantages and Drawbacks for Aluminium Frame Mountain Bike

There are several advantages to riding mountain bikes with aluminium frames

  • Durability is the first thing to look at. When you make a bike out of Aluminum, it is one of the strongest materials that can be used. It is also one of the most common materials, making it stronger. When you have an aluminium frame bike, you don’t have to be afraid that your bike will get even worse. Aluminium is strong instead of brittle like carbon and only bend or break even if damaged. If you want something that will last a long time, aluminium frame bikes are what you should buy.
  • Another big advantage is that the price is so low. Unlike carbon frame bikes, aluminium bikes aren’t as hard to come by, and the cost of making them isn’t as high as carbon bikes. You can buy a very good aluminium frame mountain bike for about half the price of a carbon frame.
  • Also, aluminium is easier to fix if they break or wear out. Aluminium is different from a carbon frame bike that is hard to fix and find extra parts. Aluminium frames are easy to get. You can find the parts for your aluminium frame almost at any bikes store. Also, you can easily replace the damaged part instead of having to change the whole frame. This way, you don’t have to buy a new aluminium frame.

aluminium frame mountain bike


  • The first flaw is the weight. Many people have complained about the weight of bikes with aluminium frames. Aluminium frames are denser and thicker than carbon frames. Using an aluminium frame bike might be difficult, particularly if you ride for lengthy periods of time or over tough terrain. The frame’s weight adds to the rider’s workload.
  • Weather is another important challenge for bikes with aluminium frames. Commonly, aluminium is made of metals, which react with water to generate rust. You can imagine how rusty an aluminium frame bike will be. If you want to ride in a rainy region, an aluminium frame may not be the greatest option.

Part 2: Introduction to The Products

  • Voodoo Bizango Pro ($816,14)

Voodoo Is one of the first bikes that cost less than they are worth. It is also one of the first bikes that do more than they cost. However, times have changed, and so have the costs. So instead of cutting back on the quality of parts to keep the price low, Voodoo has made several lower-priced models while making the Bizango the top of its hardtail line.

It has gone even further for 2022. Besides the Bizango the company has also released the Bizango Pro, one of the best hardtail mountain bikes on the market. The Pro has a lot of big changes. It has a 130mm RockShox 35 Gold Air fork and Shimano MT410 hydraulic disc brakes. The 29-inch wheels also come with a great set of tyres from Maxxis: a 2.3′′ High Roller II in front and a 2.25′′ Rekon at the back.

  • Canyon Stoic 4 ($1848,83)

From difficult terrain to bike park sessions can be tackled with the Canyon Stoic 4.

Even while the tough aluminium frame felt unpleasant at times, the low and long geometry outperformed even the finest full-suss trails bikes when it came to descending.

With its 75-degree seat tube angle, winding up steep hills doesn’t seem like a chore since your weight is positioned perfectly.

Furthermore, a 140mm RockShox front fork, a 12-speed SRAM NX Eagle gearbox, and an Iridium 170mm dropper complete the high-end components on this bike.

If you’re looking for a hardtail with downhill performance, the Stoic 4 should be at the top of your list.

  • Merida Big. Trail 500 ($1469,05)

There are several trail hardtails on the market, but Merida’s Big. Trail 500 is one of the most notable.

Despite the bike’s very small seat tube, it is possible to move up a size and unleash a highly progressive bike.

Merida trail’s fork aids the aluminium frame’s composed handling, making it a superb downhill performer. The bike’s Shimano Deore 11-52t cassette provides low gear for climbing severe inclines.

Internal cabling, mudguard mounts, and a tapered steerer tube are just a few of the characteristics that make this bike stand out.

In addition, choose the appropriate size. So, this bike seems to be a good value for your money,

  • Carrera Titan X ($978,28)

When Halfords first came up with this bike, the goal was to make a full-suspension mountain bike with a 12-speed drivetrain and a dropper post for less than a thousand pounds.

Compared to more expensive bikes, the geometry isn’t as cutting-edge. But it’s not a throwback, and it does well on both the hills and the flats, so it’s not the worst choice.

With the dropper post, you’ll be able to do things that you can’t do without. Even though the handling on technical terrain might not be the best, there’s no way around how well-equipped this bike is for the price.

It’s our only big worry that the three-size range won’t be big enough for the smallest or tallest people who ride. But for people in the middle of the curve, this won’t be a problem.

Part 3: Introduction of Specific Evaluation Products

  • Voodoo Bizango Pro

  •  Voodoo Bizango Pro Frame

The aluminium frame is butted together to save weight but still keep the frame strong.

If you wish to use a dropper post in the future, there’s a port on the rear of the seat tube that can be used to run the wires.

Boost quick-release hubs need a back axle spacing of 141mm. Integrated post-style disc brake mounts and countersunk holes for a kickstand are included in the non-drive side dropout.

It also has rack-mounting points on top of the dropouts, and even though there are no upper rack mounts, you can use a replacement seat clamp with rack mounts instead. It means that the Bizango can do two things simultaneously: a pannier-equipped commuter bike and a trail-ready mountain bike.

  • Voodoo Bizango Pro Climbing Performance

Because of the Bizango’s steep 76-degree seat angle, with the Maxxis Ardents, you can easily get started and keep going quickly.

When you’re sitting down, the relatively short 435mm chainstays keep your weight over the rear wheel so that you can deliver power while still keeping the bike on the ground. When you’re out of the saddle, the chainstays keep things moving quickly.

While the 66.5-degree head angle isn’t very tight, it doesn’t let the front end move much when the road gets steep.

The 10-51t cassette has a wide range of gears, no matter what chainring it’s paired. The 30t 1x chainring here is a match.

3.1.3 Voodoo Bizango Descending Performance

There’s no significant power loss, but the bike is more comfortable than you would think, thanks to the 29-inch wheels and Voodoo’s house-brand hoops, which are rigid enough without being harsh; the bike is more pleasant than you might expect.

Even though the Shimano M201 brake levers are long, it takes a few rides to get used to the gear shifter’s new location.

A set of unbranded grips and wide 770mm bars should be plenty for most riders.

The short stem and slacker head angle on fast singletrack make for an enjoyable experience. The Voodoo’s 465mm reach puts it in a good position to handle more challenging terrain.

The Suntour Raidon fork, which provides 120mm of smooth, predictable travel, is a big element of the bike’s confidence.

3.1.4 Voodoo Bizango Pro Bottom Line

With a price tag of $816,14, this newest Bizango provides excellent value for money.

The Bizango would be an excellent first mountain bike for a beginner or an excellent second bike for an experienced rider looking for a hardtail.

  • Canyon Stoic 4

  • Canyon Stoic 4 Frame

Because the aluminium frame has many welds, it looks like it was made cheaply, even though it cost $1848,83. Zip ties hold the rear brake line in place on the top tube. Internally, the shift and dropper cables are routed. The cable ports are on the downtube, but they are a long way down. There is a weird curve in the cables around the cockpit. Even though there are internal clamps and zip ties, the cables can still slam into the frame. Unfortunately, Canyon doesn’t include a proper chainstay protector with the Stoic. Instead, they use a thin plastic film to protect the paint on the bike.

  • Canyon Stoic 4 Climbing Performance

In spite of the fact that the Stoic weighs a hefty 14.86 kg and is equipped with deep-tread soft-compound tires, it rolled surprisingly quickly, and you will not feel it dragging as much on muddy fire roads.

Even though you have a short back end, the sharp 75-degree seat angle will put your weight well for climbing. Thus, you will never find winching up steep grinds to be too difficult.

This bike also allows you to maintain your rhythm on undulating terrain with quick drops, making sharp ascents easier with the 170mm dropper post.

  • Canyon Stoic 4 Descending Performance

The solid rear-end means that you can get speed out of every bump. When you get to a turn, the slack geometry and low center of gravity will make you want to throw it in with all your might.

Because it has a long wheelbase, you can attack and stay in control through the roots and rocks that want to push you off the trail. It did this almost every time.

When you ride a bicycle with a very long front center and a very low bottom bracket, it takes much backward movement to get the bike on its back wheel. You’ll have to work a little harder to get off obstacles or pump up jump transitions.

You can also feel how long you are in the air, which can be great if you’re going at full speed, but not so great if you want to make quick changes or do some stunts for the show.

  • Canyon Stoic 4 Bottom Line

If you want a bike that can pound down a trail like a full-suss while preserving that great stiff rear-ended simplicity, the Canyon Stoic should be high on your list.

A steel-framed comparable could have a smoother ride and fewer jarring square-edged blows, but the Stoic outperforms in practically every other regard.

The Stoic seems to be a better alternative than many other serious hardtails when you consider the price.

  • Merida Big. Trail 500

  • Merida Big. Trail 500 Frame

Merida isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when searching for an aggressive trail hardtail, but Merida has fantastic geometry and plenty of cool features. Also, the trail features double-butted tubes (stronger in certain parts, lighter in others) and polished welds. There are also hidden mounts for a mudguard, pannier rack, and kickstand. In addition, there are two water bottle mounts within the front triangle, one on the down tube and the other on the top tube. Furthermore, the frame has Boost rear axle spacing, 29in wheels with 2.5in tires clearance, and a tapered steerer fork if you wish to upgrade

  • Merida Big. Trail 500 Ride Impressions

The Merida extended Trail’s reach allows for ample movement while tackling peaks standing up. Intentional fore-and-aft motions have little to no influence on the bike’s trajectory. So, the back wheel doesn’t spin as much, and the front wheel doesn’t feel as heavy.

The high seat tube angle makes it difficult to climb sitting. Therefore, this places you in the middle of the bike, which enhances comfort and pedaling efficiency while reducing front wheel lift on steep inclines. It also means you don’t have to squat to get adequate weight over the front tire. Overall, Merida is a great climber. Furthermore, the 11-51t cassette offers low gearing for difficult climbs and high-top gear for descents when paired with Merida’s 32t chainring.

The Recon fork is comfortable on both climbs and descents. Fast, bumpy parts have regulated damping with no obvious compression spike.

Indeed the Merida descends smoothly, allowing you to maintain a neutral and steady body posture without having to adjust for poor geometry. You can easily install a shorter stem if it’s too lengthy. Moreover, the ride quality is superb. On steeper or gnarlier descents, the Merida rides like a short-travel trail bike, its wheels not being sucked into holes or tossed about by bumps.

  • Merida Big. Trail 500 Bottom Line

In general, Merida Big. Trail 500 is one of the superb bikes on the market as long you can find the right size for you.

  • Carrera Titan X

  • Carrera Titan X Frame

When you ride on the Titan X, you get 130mm of suspension travel at both ends, thanks to air-springs and rebound damping so that you may adjust it to fit your weight.

Also, the fork has a lockout dial that you can use to make it more efficient when climbing. The rear shock doesn’t have this feature, so it’s always moving and soft.

Moreover, welds and cable routing on the frame aren’t the best, but it’s not an issue on the trail. The rear axle is a 10x135mm quick release, which might make it more difficult to upgrade the wheels in the future, but it’s not a deal-breaker on the trail.

  • Carrera Titan X Climbing Performance

Although uncomfortable, the Titan X climbs well. Surprisingly, the rear suspension is active under power, making it pleasant and efficient to pedal across uneven terrain.

If you compare to other hardtails at this price, you don’t have to get out of the saddle for every bump; the suspension absorbs mild impacts and keeps you moving.

Also, this bike minimizes the effort necessary to cover terrain on worn path core climbs and traverses. Even with tiny (650b) wheels and a 15.8kg weight, the WTB tyres roll rapidly.

While pedaling, the suspension bobs, mainly out of the seat. This bike also reduces efficiency on flat ground and slows sprinting.

  • Carrera Titan X Descending Performance

On the descents, the suspension impresses. Compared to a similar-priced hardtail, the fork and shock handle tiny bumps nicely for this budget bike.

The suspension isn’t overly mushy, so pushing into a berm or jump isn’t a problem. Even when loaded into berms, the quick-release rear axle seems to have little effect on handling.

The dropper post is a plus compared to most bikes at this pricing. It eliminates the need to modify saddle height at the start of every climb or downhill and the need to ride risky parts with a high saddle trying to push you over the bars.

Even on long uphill parts, the brakes are strong and reliable. Also, it’s not good to use the WTB Trail Boss tyres in the winter. It’s tough to lean the bike into a bend with authority when the tyres are soft or dirty.

3.4.4 Carrera Titan X Bottom Line

For $978,28 the Titan X has excellent components and suspension. But the size is restricted and outdated, making it difficult for tall riders to travel tough terrain.

The perfect bike for you relies on how it fits. Taller riders should find another bike, while smaller riders may get a great deal.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How heavy is the Carrera Titan X?
    The Carrera Titan X has an aluminium frame. It also has 650b wheels. It has 130mm of travel on both ends, and the whole thing weighs 15.8kg.
  • Are Merida bikes a good brand?
    Merida is a great company that makes all kinds of bikes. If you look at aluminum-framed bikes, then they are one of the best.
  • Do Halfords own voodoo?
    Voodoo is only exclusive at Halfords. They make three mountain bikes that cost less than $500, and this Bantu is the one with the standard 27.5in wheels. The bike has an aluminium frame and a hard-riding attitude, typical of Voodoo bikes.
  • Is Canyon Stoic 4 a good bike?
    Stoic 4 is so fun to ride, with full-suss trail bikes that may be suitable for your money.

Part 5 Conclusion

If you want a bike that can pound down a trail like a full-suss while preserving that great stiff rear-ended simplicity, the Canyon Stoic should be high on your list. For $978, the Titan X has excellent components and suspension, but the size is restricted and outdated, making it difficult for tall riders to travel rugged terrain. Also, taller riders should find other bikes, while smaller riders may get a great deal with the Merida Big.

All Aluminium Frame Mountain Bike that I mentioned have their own set of pros and downsides, which all come back to you. I strongly suggest you research thoroughly the bike that you consider buying.